The aim of this workshop is to discuss the analytical foundations and the

empirical evidence of the impacts of recent ICT developments on innovation

and (the innovation activities) of the firms. While most studies in the early 2000

focused on the immediate impact of ICT in terms of productivity and output,

there is a new and emerging literature examining how new ICT generations are

fostering innovation and improving firm’ performance.

Disruptive technologies such as broadband, mobile Internet, 3D Printing, and

Cloud Computing (CC) have been shown to have deep impacts on innovation.

They are allowing firms to provide enhanced existing products and services,

introduce new services and products, and explore new production models. For

example, CC and 3D printing technologies are transforming the industrial

production paradigm, and a new organizational production model is allowing

EC firms to benefit. Several studies examine the relationship between

broadband adoption and innovation, but works on the link between innovation

and new ICTs are rather scarce.

This workshop aims to discuss analytical and empirical works looking at how

the latest ICT developments are affecting firms’ innovation activity. The

Workshop targets scholars, businesses from all fields, policy-makers and task-
managers from international organizations. It seeks to provide evidence that

ICTs are increasing innovation activities in firms in recent years.

Publications opportunities:

 Innovations

 Journal of innovation in Digital Ecosystems

 Revue d’Economie Industrielle

Other special issues with ranked journal are under discussion


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