Covid19 has impacted businesses of all sizes and stages. Layoffs are sweeping the world of tech (albeit less so than other sectors that have been more severely impacted). The world has changed and inevitably so, along with it, the business world too. As an entrepreneur and business owner, my focus is how to adapt to this new world that is yet to be defined, to mine whatever data is available to anticipate the new reality ahead of others, how to conform with the new ways of doing business without facetime, how to cope with longer lead times to close deals, how to manage cash flow intelligently to navigate through this transition from Before COVID (BC) to After COVID (AC), a transition that will most likely spread few years.

In a nutshell, the webinar will address how founders adapt, launch, and grow a startup within the confines of an AC world. This topic encompasses all aspects of running a business, from hiring people who are not much more risk-averse, to tapping into a global pool of talent, to marketing online, to managing monetization due to major slowdown in VC funding, to identifying opportunities and silver linings in the midst of COVID chaos, to re-aligning the business and business model in light of the new priorities set upon the world, and to summoning every day the mental energy required to maintain a positive mindset in the midst of never-ending negative energy surrounding us.

Questions and discussion points to be covered (Main takeaways):

Launching a startup after the pandemic, what has changed?
Adapting to a slowdown in VC funding
How innovation will be affected in a post-COVID-19 world


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