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Arab Radio & TV Festival

This Festival is organized by ASBU since 1981 and comprises multiple contests for the selection of prize winner television and radio .


Arab Radio&TV Festival & Convention has become over the years the must- attend event for the Television, Radio, Show business, Film and Infotainment industry. It counts among Arab most important events in content production and distribution in all genres: fiction, formats, animation, documentary, and more. Since 2015th edition, and for the first time in its history, “ASBU Broadcast Convention” exhibition registered a new openness to a large array of operators in the broadcast industry: equipments manufacturers, service & technology providers, integrators, satellite operators…. Hundreds of top decision makers within the Arab broadcasting sector as well as a large numbers of Arab stars and celebrities from the cinema, audiovisual production, theater, arts, media, Show business, literature and information fields participate regularly to this major Arab Professional, Cultural, Artistic and Media event.

  • An exceptional opportunity to meet Arab broadcasters decision makers !
  • World best gateway to Arab broadcast decision makers
  • Huge media coverage