So proud to announce that we as Microsoft tech club ISIMS are going to organize an exceptional event : a Hackathon entitled Coding Mania that will be organized during 24 hours on the 29th of February and the first of March 2020 at the Digital research centre of Sfax.

High school and college students participate in this event in teams (A team contains 3 persons at max). After the workshops, the training sessions and the speeches our honorable speakers will deliver, the competition topic will be revealed and all the challengers will start working on their products with the help of our expert and professional coaches who will guide them. At the end of the event, the teams who created the top 10 products are going to present their jobs in front of the judges who will point out the 3 winning teams.

SAVE THE DATE ,Prepare your teams and
get ready to the joy you’ll have, and the surprises you’ll discover, during our event. Don’t forget that the prizes are much more valuable than you expect.

Registration fee: 20DT

Registration Form Link : http://bit.ly/CodingMania

For more information, contact us on: 25646461
You can also send your questions to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

See you soon! 🔥


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