CONFERENCE: The Resilience of Democracy to Troubling Economy

Facing and breaking the vicious cycle of popular unsatisfaction

September 20, 2019 | Hotel Africa | 50 Ave Habib Bourguiba, Tunis 1001, Tunisia

From Europe to Tunisia the lasting pain of the economic recession and the unaccomplished promises of globalization are now challenging the resilience of democracy and its very capacity to respond to people’s needs and expectations. In this context, the democratic discourse itself is pushed towards the limits of the traditional deliberative framework by the growing pressure of populism, which at all latitudes exploit the social and cultural puzzling related to the challenge of immigration and the constant threat of radicalization.

Under such political pressure, the European Union and its member States seem unable to look up to the Mediterranean horizon by developing a comprehensive and far-reaching cooperation approach. The attraction that the liberal-democratic ideal was able to exert over the Glorious decades, by unifying the desire of economic wellness and stability with the aspiration to widespread civic liberties, seems more broadly to lose strength, while the social and economic troubles related to globalization push a significant part of the population to show unsatisfaction with the performance of democracy.  To what extent can such tension between social and economic frustration and political liberties hold? Can it threaten the hope of the very endurance of democracy? What are the remedies to avoid such “emergency” scenario, in Tunisia so much as in Europe?

Reset DOC in partnership with Carep – Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will gather a panel of intellectuals, policy-makers, journalists and academics to discuss such pressing issues in a one-day conference to be held in Tunis on Friday, September 20th.

Speakers: Souad Abderrahim* • Yadh Ben Achour  Enzo Amendola* •  Selim Azzabi  •  Hedi Belaarbi    Giancarlo Bosetti  •  Ahmed Bouazzi  •  Emanuele Felice    Elyas Fakfah   Rached Ghannouchi*    Jonathan Laurence    Mehdi Mabrouk    Mohsen Marzouk    Radwan Masmoudi    Ferdinando Nelli Feroci  •  Federica Zoja and others

The event is free and open to all upon registration, subject to availability of seats.

For registration and information please write to info@resetdoc.org

Detailed conference programme coming soon


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