Deep Learning Indaba starts Aug 21st on the SUP’COM campus (https://lnkd.in/dFVHdZ7X). The top ML conference in Africa, DL Indaba is the only event on the continent where young talents can meet in person elite AI practitioners from Google, Apple, Microsoft, DeepMind, Meta, NVIDIA and others. One example why it’s an opportunity: during a previous Indaba in South-Africa the InstaDeep team and I had a spontaneous brainstorm with Nando de Freitas from DeepMind, it led to a joint-paper spotlight at NeurIPS, an inspiring first for an African-founded AI startup! That sense of excitement, interacting with AI’s finest, had a profound impact and encouraged us to shoot for the stars. Today, we aim to offer the same opportunity to young Africans (including Tunisians) attending DL Indaba. And then there is AI Hack!

Starting on Aug 29th in the Rades Arena, AI Hack (ai-hack-tunisia.com) is simply the largest ML Hackathon in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Imagine 1000+ participants, in a stadium, competing solo or in teams, using real data on exciting problems: it’s as fun and memorable as it gets! Hackathons are also an important way to unlock the talent and creativity of the developing world on unsolved challenges.

Guests visiting Tunisia for the first time:

Shakir Mohamed, Avishkar Bhoopchand, Ulrich Paquet, Salim Abid, Andy Volk, Soonson Kwon, Amal Rannen-Triki, Vukosi Marivate, Kathleen Siminyu, Benjamin Rosman, Sara Hooker, Jade Abbott and Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi


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