The ENISo Smart Challenge
As the world evolves, many fields are emerging on the surface, while others’ values are ebbing away. Robotics, a field that has seen the light in the end of the last century, has never stopped impressing people by doing harder tasks in less time. We, in ENISo, as engineering students, realize how important this field is : we’ve been always devoted to it as it puts in use various skills such as mechatronics, electronics and IT. We’ve participated in many competitions and we’ve eventually won so many prizes. So we thought to ourselves, why don’t we create a competition, our competition, that’ll be held in ENISo. We got excited about the idea and we asked for support. Students came along to participate in making this dream come true! And we started our preparations. We have one goal : encourage students to innovate, familiarize them with and improve their skills in Robotics. To reach this goal, the competition needed to be so perfect, so unique and so special. Therefore, we created 5 new competitions that weren’t truly held before: RoboSol, Copter, Biped, Boats and Mini Sumo. In addition to many other surprises that are yet to be discovered! We look forward to your participation in our competition ! Don’t hesitate ! Sharpen your skills and improve your talents! Let your passion drive your way to victory. Be there, be in time !


How do I participate ?
As a start, you can download the specifications for the competition of your choice from « The competition » section of the website.
You will be informed later about the registration procedure. Make sure you don’t miss any news on our Facebook page.

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