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European Bank Calls On Startups In Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia To Apply And Secure Up To $113k In Funding


Startups within the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, (EBRD) region, including Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco are called upon to apply to Startup Wise Guys Accelerator, a startup accelerator which the EBRD has partnered with to support startups within the region. Startups from EBRD regions, including Tunisia, active in Fintech can apply on a website. This site is dedicated to a tailor-made accelerator program. Combining the latest Fintechs with the Bank’s objectives. This is to promote the development of competitive and sustainable economies.

Here Is What You Need To Know

  • This program targets the wide range of Fintech, including any Fintech solution that can support post-coronavirus recovery.
  • Selected startups will participate in an intensive five-month training program. 
  • They will also attract investments of up to 100,000 euros depending on their level of maturity, particularly from Startup Wise Guys, which could provide the key to their breakthrough. 
  • An international group of mentors will share their experience and advice.
Startups in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia being part of the EBRD region will benefit from the new programme

Program To Start In October 2020 

  • The startup program will take place in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, from October 2020. 
  • Taiwan Business, EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund is co-financing this program. 
  • It is a full-time program combining on-site and online modules.
  • Although the program takes place in Lithuania, there are no geographic restrictions for applicants.
  • Successful applicants will be placed in an “EBRD cohort”. EBRD will focus on developing solutions that meet the bank’s objectives.
  • For the startup accelerator, Startup Wise Guys, this will be the fourth Fintech-focused program, and its first time in partnership with the EBRD.
  • EBRD actively supports governments of central and eastern Europe to improve the regulatory landscape of Fintechs. 

The EBRD has been investing in EgyptJordanMorocco and Tunisia since September 2012.

Charles Rapulu Udoh


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