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Fine-Tuning for a New Era: Women Leaders Taking Family Business Brands to a Global Scale



Fine-Tuning for a New Era: Women Leaders Taking Family Business Brands to a Global Scale


Young Arab Leaders and She is Arab are partnering to deliver a unique series of webinars with the theme being « Arab Women in Leadership. » The objective is to shed light on amazing success stories of Arab women, while discussing strategic and timely topics of relevance to the region. Our first session as part of this collaboration is about Arab women in family businesses.

Family businesses contribute an estimated 60% of the MENA region’s GDP, and in times of crises and pandemics, they play a major role in keeping the economy afloat. Some of the largest and long-standing family businesses in the MENA Region are recognising the talent and unique skillset that Arab women bring to the table. As a result, more women are being promoted into leadership roles. In this webinar, [the speakers] share their insights on how females can grow and groom themselves as leaders and businesswomen. They will be sharing ways in which to overcome challenges in family business and tips in excelling and leading a family business.

The speakers will discuss and share their views on the following key points:
1. The uniqueness of women leadership styles: global, regional and personal reflections on vital qualities for success
2. The power of role models: growing up in a matriarchal society
3. Generational shift
a. Unique challenges: transition of power, innovation and risk-taking
b. Corporate governance and succession planning
c. Social impact: giving back
4. Maintaining a balance in our lives during the pandemic and beyond: working from home, a revelation for working parents

We will be joined by:
Fatma Ghaly, CEO of Azza Fahmy Jewellery
Amina Ghaly, Head Designer of Azza Fahmy Jewellery
Farida El Agamy, Speaker – Young Arab Leaders and Co-Founder of Women in Family Business


15 juin 2020 05:00 PM dans Dubaï


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