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Hack Africa

🌏 The war against Covid19 is not won before a battle in Africa. Failing to fight Covid19 in Africa properly NOW will bring expensive ripple cost to the world, later.

👉🏼 Join #HackAfrica May 14 -16 and propose ideas to solve the challenges

Track 1: How to manage and #streamline#essential services? During this time we need a better coordination and management systems for essential services. e.g. Health, water supply, electricity, food etc.

Track 2: How do we help #businesses survive lock-down? Businesses are heavily effected by a lock-down and economic down-turn that may follow the pandemic.

Track 3: How do we enable #education to continue? Improving coverage of distance education or e-learning services in communities with low digital penetration.

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👉🏼 If you can help the movement somehow, kindly contact us.

Hack Africa is organized by African Innovation Week in collaboration with Innovasjon Norge via Innovation Norway Middle East and Africa and other partners.

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