Welcome in the Recruitment Forums, CSF South « HANNIBAL Op. »:TUNISIA! 2016 TIPCS
In order to achieve mastery and involvement of Southern Youth (TUNISIA) to build and defend an equal partnership, we hope by these encounters create a dynamic of actors to form the stem cell young leaders of change.
The strategy « HANNIBAL Op. » TUNISIA that we propose is the following:
+Provide our young leaders basic training about a development model of 5-axis:
1- An inclusive growth and convergent (Economic Partnership / Investment),
2- Based on territorial development (local development and decentralisation),
3- Which provides social cohesion (culture, diversity, equality, inter generational)
4- Environmentally,
5- And puts people at the center of interest (the youth, the initiative by the population and the well being of citizens).
+Supporting the convergence of our young leaders to model and manage resilience (Governance reforms etc).
+Moving forward with an approach that integrates young people on all levels.
During we will be discovering and discussing these principal fields of interests:
1- Tools and structured regional dialogue.
2- SOUTH-SOUTH Partnership and External Relations.
3- Reforms, Democracy and Human Rights.
4- Energy & Water, Environment and Biodiversity.
5- Development (economic, social and territorial).
6- Mobility.
7- Security & Peace, diversity and social cohesion.
8- Economic Partnership and Investment (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas (DCFTA)).
Coming Forums are set for these dates: (slightly changeable)
-3rd Forum: 11, 12 & 13 November, 2016.
-4th Forum: 25, 26 & 27 November, 2016.
-5th Forum+Final Selection Exam: 16, 17 & 18 December, 2016.
Location of all the coming events is Initially: Monastir, TUNISIA.
Forums locations may be changed. A detailed logistics notes will be released at time.
A full board accommodation will be offered on demand.
1-Present Online application form (To fill).
2-Curriculum Vitae.
3-Profile resume of the Partner Civil Society Organisation, the Applicant Tunisian Youth Leader is acting within.
4-Written undertaking -during the selection process(Recruitment Forums) and in case of admission- to active participation, frequent and continuous in all phases of the project, includes the engagement to the presence at all events within or outside the Tunisian country, the realisation of all the exercises, tasks and other necessities for the proper presentation of the Leader and the project.
FYI: All documents are downloadable in DOC and PDF format, from the Tunisian Institute of Peace and Conflicts Studies online Opportunities Portal: http://tnipcs.wixsite.com/itepc/jobs.
Deadline is 12 noon (midday) TN time on the date stated: Sunday 11 December, 2016.
You must provide all supporting documents within 7 days of submitting your application form or your application may be withdrawn.
Contact informations:
All the filled documents must be delivered by email to: ITEPC.contact@gmail.com, with the subject: « CSFSouth: HANNIBAL Op. TYL 2016 Application ».
This is the recruitment phase of the « HANNIBAL Op. » program in its Tunisian version.
To meet the challenges of neighbourhood policy with the European Union, today our young leaders are asking questions that stretch to take all the subjects of the EU relationship / Southern Mediterranean (TUNISIA) where civil society has a say and is getting more involved.
HANNIBAL Op.: TUNISIA! 1st recruitment Forum Youth Leaders
CSF South: « HANNIBAL Op.: TUNISIA! » 2nd recruitment Forum,14, 15 & 16 October, 2016, Civil Society Facility South Regional Office, Al Marsa, Tunis,Tunisian Republic. 3rd day: 16 October, 2016.
Group photo: Tunisian Selected and participants Youth Leaders with Dr. Ahmed Al Damrawy, CSF South Regional Team Leader.CSF South Regional Office, Al Marsa, Tunis, Tunisian Republic.

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