MEET Africa 2 call for tenders

ANIMA is looking for a service provider for the development of a digital platform
Send your offer before September 24, 2021(23:59 UTC + 2)
As part of the MEET Africa 2 project, ANIMA is developing a web-based information and services platform with the aim of structuring a coordinated offer in favor of entrepreneurship in the African diaspora and of networking all stakeholders (organizations support for diaspora entrepreneurship and diaspora entrepreneurs). 
The creation of the platform is scalable , on the basis of  co-construction work with stakeholders in Africa and France  who define its strategic orientation and technical functionalities. Several steps are identified at this stage which will allow the beta version of the web tool  (currently being finalized) to evolve towards its 2nd and 3rd version, with regard to the members (entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs, the general public, private or associative) and users (entrepreneurs from the diaspora).
The service providers interested in this call for tenders can download the consultation file at the bottom of the page  and respond to the specifications detailing all the missions targeted by this service.
MISSION FORMAT The service provider will be engaged in a long and scalable process including the 2 versions to be developed for the MEET Africa platform .
The contract resulting from the selection will detail the functional modules detailed in the specifications, but will leave room for maneuver on the order of development of the modules and on the final choice of functionalities to be implemented. The chosen service provider will also take care of the maintenance, security of the platform and personal data, with a contractual recovery time guarantee in the event of failure. Specific attention will be paid to the conditions for the sustainability of the platform.The service provider and its teams will have to show financial and technical flexibility in order to ensure this long-term project which will last at least from October 2021 to July 2022 (not counting the maintenance contract which will last until at least 2023). ).
Eligibility criteria and expected offer Providers established in an eligible country within the framework of the MEET Africa project are eligible according to the nationality rules applicable to projects financed by the European Union. See list of eligible countries (Annex 1 of the specifications).
In support of their offer, candidates must submit a file consisting of the following documents (non-exhaustive list) :Proof of registration in the company register (k-bis or equivalent).Declaration on the honor of the service provider (annex 2 of the specifications).The declaration on honor relating to the exclusion criteria and the absence of conflict of interest (pages 20-22 of the consultation rules document).A technical offer with:a description of the methodology that will be used,a detailed chronogram,a quick presentation of the technical team.A financial offer or detailed estimate.A document certifying the tax regime to which the structure is subject in the country.A document attesting to the regularity of the social and fiscal situation of the structure.Document containing the definition and conditions for carrying out personal data processing operations on behalf of the contracting authority.A description of the human and technical resources, as well as the economic and financial capacities of the tenderer.Any other document mentioned in article 4 of the consultation rules document “Presentation of offers and submission procedures” (pages 9-10).The service provider must also offer a project monitoring and collaborative work tool facilitating the monitoring and co-construction work with the Technical Committee, the receipt during the delivery of the project pages and modules.
Selection criteria The evaluation of eligible offers will be based on criteria ranked in order of importance below:
Context: the MEET Africa project The second edition of MEET Africa is aimed at diasporas from Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia, wishing to undertake in Africa. The project is co-financed by the European Union and the French Development Agency and implemented by Expertise France in partnership with ANIMA Investment Network and GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) .

Submission of offers, response times and contacts Offers must be sent by email before September 24, 2021 at midnight (11:59 p.m. UTC + 2).Candidates have the possibility to address their questions on technical or administrative points of the file up to the date of submission:
Lauriane Ammouche , Communication and web manager – ANIMA Investment Network lauriane.ammouche@anima.coop
Rodolphe Fauque , Communication and web manager – ANIMA Investment Network rodolphe.fauque@anima.coopAny request for additional information must be made by email.          If a question is asked by a candidate, the answer is given to them publicly via the shared document accessible at this link . All potential candidates for this call for tenders can therefore take note of the answers given to all the information requests received within the framework of this call for tenders.

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