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Muslim Student Voices

Join us in the American Corner to participate in the interactive web chat “Education USA: Muslim Student Voices” on March 31 starting at 12:00 Tunis Time. This bi-monthly webchat series encourages viewing groups to ask questions through an online chat space that will be answered during a live, one-hour program
This time, a panel of Muslim international students and university representatives from around the world will share their experiences and offer advice on accessing resources and navigating campus life. The panelists will also answer questions live! The discussion will be moderated by Acting Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Arsalan Suleman. An on-camera audience at the American Corner in Hyderabad, India will be joining the web chat.
• There will be a visa expert from the Bureau of Consular Affairs available in the chat space, ready to help answer visa-related questions!
• Hashtag #EducationUSA
• Promo Video: or Facebook:

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