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Technopreneurs Academy 1st Session: "Business Engineering"


International Technopreneur Club ITC of ATUPEE (Tunisian Entrepreneurship and Spin-off Association) in partnership with TUNCAD (Tunisian Candian Association for Development) based at Toronto.
We organize TECHNOPRENEURS ACADEMY 1st Session “Business Engineering”
The 2016 Technopreneurs academy seeks inspiring economic growth through business ownership. This is a 15-day Technopreneurship training, networking and learning event for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between theory and practice as well as professional advice that help them save time, money, and energy.
The training sessions aim at helping participants reduce the frustration and anxiety often associated with start-ups, optimize the use of resources, maximize profitability, and transform business dreams into reality. Participants will be provided with practical and usable insights, educational content tweaked to suit their needs and break down complex business concepts to help them further develop and grow their businesses.
Our Target:
If you are a Technopreneur, Businesswoman, Local business owner, or a project holder willing to lead his business to the edge of success and/or looking for the know-how and appropriate tools that help you lead your business, you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!!
More Informations:
To Apply:
Mr. Akrem Saadaoui – ITC Executive Director and ATUPEE Program Coordinator:àadaoui-8890b8a1


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