Building a Robust Cyberspace for a Secure Digital Life

Date and Timings: 16 September 2022 | 09:30 to 16:15 GMT+1 | 

Location: Movenpick Gammarth, Tunis, Tunisia


The implementation of cyber policies have become inevitable in the times of increasing modern and advanced cybercrimes. National authorities are continuously aligning their cybersecurity framework to combat the potential risks that pose threat to their infrastructure and to the wellbeing of their citizens. Advance technologies are being integrated into the infrastructure to make it more robust and effective against any cyber-attack. The region has become more ready than ever to address the sharp rise of cybercrime.

The region’s fight against cybercrime is a crucial item on the current security sector reform agenda. The policymakers are strengthening the cyber-framework to ensure a more secure cyberspace. Tunisia ranks 45th out of 217 countries in internet users, reaching more than 8 million internet users in 2022 and an internet penetration rate of 66.7 percent as of 2022. With a growing number of citizens online, cybercrime has gained momentum for which the regions have collaborated to create Computer Emergency Response Teams to mitigate cyber threats by leveraging global collaboration.

The regulatory bodies of the region are joining hands to have a swift cyber protection structure in place to combat the cyber threats and safeguard the nation’s energy,
telecommunications, financial and health infrastructure. The 4th Edition of Cybersecurity Innovation Series (CSIS) will host cyber and IT executives from the most targeted industries in engaging thought-provoking discussions. This will be the platform for the cyber experts across the region to brainstorm on the strategies that they can implement to build a secure environment for the citizens.




  • Understand the latest implementations of international cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • Learn about latest cybersecurity framework to remain resilient and adapt the ever-changing nature of phishing and cyber attacks
  • Enlighten yourself with the region’s new compliance landscape to secure your infrastructure and safeguard the customers against theft
  • Explore the power of new technological tools to offer better services at reduced costs
  • Draft a vision for National Cybersecurity Framework beyond 2022

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