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The First English Teachers Forum


Dear English Language Teachers,
Thank you for taking part in “The First English Teacher Forum” which is organized by the training centre “Paradise of Sciences” in partnership with the “Tunisian Association of Teachers of English” TATE JERBA,
on 04th December 2016,
from 9.30AM to 12.30PM,
at the training centre address: 02 Salaheddin Ayoubi Street, Gabes.

The forum focus is going to be on, but not restricted to, the following areas:
1- Branding Teaching Quality: Teacher Certification and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Journey
Presented by M. Abdeddaiem Jebahi Boudhir
2- Using songs in teaching
Presented by M. Laroussi B.Hafsia
3- CPD for teachers: Step ahead and rise!
Presented by M. Kamel Cheikh
– The aim of this Forum is to rise motivation among both educators and learners to develop better tools and knowledge to promote effective teaching and learning of English.
– The target audience are predominantly all ELTs from the three sectors (The primary, The secondary and the tertiary ones)
for more information, contact us on 52938552,
or the email:


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