*This time it’s the TECH EDITION, WHY?*
Well, cutting-edge innovations are changing the world at an exponential rate and women need to be part of that! With their leadership style, viewpoints, and skillset, they will disrupt.

*Support women, why?*
Well, women are half of the population and according to the World Economic Forum, empowering women can grow the global GDP to $28 Trillion in the coming 7 years.

🔴About The Labyrinth🔴
The Labyrinth – Tech Edition is a 3-days intensive capacity building program to initiate young women to tech-entrepreneurship. A #Bootcamp that targets specifically and solely young women in university and Freshly grads. This in order to prepare them for their future career whether that be building a startup, integrating a corporation, or being self-employed.

👉 Join us for a memorable experience: http://bit.ly/396GKcJ


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