The Regions Days
The Cities of Arts at the City of Culture
The Governorate of Gafsa
Sunday, November 25, 2018 starting from 14h00
The City of Culture


Under the patronage of M. Mohamed Zinelabidine, Minister of Cultural Affairs, the City of Culture will host the governorate of Gafsa on Sunday, November 25, 2018 starting from 14h00, as part of the event: « The Cities of Arts in the City of culture: The Regions Days », an event through which Gafsa will celebrate the creative genius of its inhabitants and will present to the audience of the City, its old and rich heritage with the most important creations of its artists, intellectuals and craftsmen.

The « Cities of Arts » is a project that has been inaugurated recently, with the strategic program of « The Cities of Arts at the City of Culture », an event that offered to all the Tunisian regions the opportunity to be present at the heart of Tunis, with a strategy of dialogue, exchange and sharing of a plural cultural richness that founds our common identity.

This approach, which comes as part of a vision of social inclusion and equality by opening all the spaces of the City of Culture to the inhabitants of the regions to share, with the great audience of the City, their creations in the fields of music, theater, dance and poetry and all the other artistic expressions.
The Day of Gafsa at the City of Culture will start with a parade of traditional clothes and a show performed by folkloric bands from all the localities of the region. Popular dance, Stambali, spiritual singing, cavalry shows and other regional expressions will be on the menu. The audience of the City will discover on this occasion exhibitions of crafts, culinary art, leather productions besides events dedicated to the agricultural and mining heritage of the region of Gafsa. The visual artists will have their part of this festival through a plastic art exhibition that will reveal to the audience of the City the great talents of the young artists of the region, their sensitivity but also their vision of the City and their country.
This event will also allow the audience to discover the emblematic figures of arts, letters and thoughts originating from Gafsa and who have enriched the editorial, pictorial or musical heritage of the whole country. The Day of Gafsa at the City of Culture will also be an opportunity for all Tunisians to discover the history of the region, and its archaeological heritage dating back to several centuries through a large exhibition devoted to this subject.
The theater will also be present with a theatrical performance entitled « The Discourse of the Mountain » from the Center for Dramatic and Scenic Arts of Gafsa. This will be followed by a musical performance by the troupe of the Regional Institute of Music and Dance, then a second musical performance by the troupe of the Ibn Mandhour Cultural Center of Gafsa.

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