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The Story From TOKYO, a conference presented by Idealump Japan


The Japanese Club of ESPRIT (JCE) is proud to announce a major event “The Story From TOKYO” presented by idealump Co., Ltd and REVORN Co., Ltd.
idealump Co., Ltd is a Japanese IT company based in Japan.
The speakers will be as following:
– Daeho Kim (26) from Korea: Web Director of idealump Co., Ltd – Bachelor of Business Administration (Kookmin University, Kookmin International Business School, Seoul, South Korea).
– Genta Koshikawa (25) from Japan: Web Director of idealump Co., Ltd – Graduated from Showa Gakuin School.
– Hiroaki Matsuoka (26) from Japan: CEO & Founder of REVORN Co., Ltd – Engineer of REVORN Co., Ltd – Master of Engineering (Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan) – Bachelor of Engineering (Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan).
– Yudai Tachibana (23) from Japan: Web Director of idealump Co., Ltd – Graduated ADjust Academy.
The conference is open for everyone interested in IT or Asian Culture and will be held on April 26th in ESPRIT Prepa (The library of ESPRIT Prepa) at 2pm.
External links:
idealump Japan: https://idealump.com/
idealump Tunisia: http://idealumptunisia.com/


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