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Tunisian-Hungarian Online Business Day


Inspiring plenary sessions, informative workshops and targeted 1:1 meetings promises knowledge gain and new business contacts.

The match-making event brings together companies from both Tunisia and Hungary. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts. Meetings will take place online, in virtual booths and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

Focus Sectors

  • Food Industry & Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Electronics & other Equipment
  • Steel Industry
  • Water Industry
  • IT & othe Services

Why participate?

  • As purchaser – find qualified Tunisian/Hungarian suppliers during effective one-to one meetings
  • As market/sales manager – find new potential customers
  • As product developer – find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions

Tunisia-Hungary Trade Relations

Rank of Hungary:
 23rd largest Client of Tunisia in 2019.
 38th largest Supplier of Tunisia in 2019.
 16th largest trade partner of Tunisia within the EU.

Rank of Tunisia:
 50st largest Supplier of Hungary in 2019.
 52nd largest Client of Hungary in 2019.
 Tunisia is Hungary’s 4th largest client in Africa in 2019.
 Tunisia is Hungary’s 2nd largest supplier in Africa in 2019.

Tunisian exports to Hungary are strongly dominated by the Mechanical & Electrical Industries sector such as electrical products (electric cables, printed circuits, etc.) and automotive components. This sector’s importance is explained by the development of the Hungarian automobile industry which has more than 600 companies with the presence of major manufacturers (Opel, Audi, Mercedes, etc.) and automotive equipment manufacturers (Bosh, valeo, lear, etc.) which partly source from Tunisia. (Second producer of automotive components in Africa). However, sectors targeted by current B2B Event are to be on the high-rise as well.


The Tunisian exportable offer is much wider and can include Services and Manufactured products such as textiles & clothing (3% of the exploited potential), agri-food (Olive oil, fruit dates, etc.), pharmaceutical products, metallurgical products and plastic industries, as well as semi-finished industrial inputs.

Tunisia offers industrial competitiveness to Hungarian companies as well as an economic opening on a market of almost a billion and a half consumers without tariff barriers.

Tunisia’s recent accession to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa – COMESA (nearly 500 million consumers); also represents an opportunity for Hungary as part of its “opening up to the South” strategy (launched in 2016) to consider Tunisia as a hub and gateway to Africa.


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